One week of hiking in primary Rain Forest.

We have come back this Monday from the Kelabit Highlands having spend a good week there and it was so far the nicest place I have seen on Borneo.

Click for the pictures of our June 2012 holiday.

Above the pictures and below 4000 words why:

I see you might want a taster before diving in, check this out:
…In her red beret and round glasses she was constantly joking around with the beeping of her metal detector adding jokes like “Where is your Bomb?”, or the instant classic of answering where we can get the boarding pass with “The pineapple in your hands is the boarding pass !”
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A new star is born !

Well, not quite. But nearly as good as it is time to post a new Blog article after just over a year has passed. I guess my attitude towards posting private stories on-line has declined in the last years and the bloody Fbook is much easier to handle. But it is nice to read through this whole thing as a continuous story.  So here’s what’s hot in Tuaran – our home in Sabah on Borneo – Malaysia :
Btw. I have fixed the categories just now, so all post can be found through them again.
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Cool jungle !

I’ve seen the nicest jungle in my life today, what a beauty. And it was only one hour drive away in the foothills of Mt Kinabalu.
Other than that, our crazy life in Borneo is settling down.
I have done about 1 /3 of each of my courses, learned a lot about Biodiversity and Innovation and renovated our house here sufficiently that it’s quite pleasant to live in. We’re still talking and thinking a lot about our friends in Nepal and the new family members in the UK and Germany. I think we will take up some more mountain biking with the local biker group soon, so stay tuned. Now, enjoy these beautiful pictures.

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Salamat Datang

Welcome to our third part-time home country on this Blog. Rachel joined a new project in Sabah on Borneo and I followed her there. We now live in Tuaran which is about 30km from Kota Kinabalu , the capital city of Sabah.The initial settling in is, as usual, quite hard. I don’t speak the language nor is it very easy to get anything done in a village setting in a new country. However things are slowly panning out, we found a nice place to stay ( although is needs quite a bit of work) and our things will arrive soon from Nepal too. So you see, all good.
For a few picturesque impressions check out the “Life in Sabah” link in the header on the top of this website.

Since you are such a good reader and got through my whole boring article, you can watch 30 sec of  this strange performance I recorded during New Year here in Kota Kinabalu.

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Still here and about to leave…

Welcome to the new Blog. You might have wondered why the Cyclepilgrims were so quiet, well the last Host stopped working and I still haven’t found out why.
So, this is version 3, hope you like it, here’s the latest :

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Another fantastic bike trip

The Cycle pilgrims team just came back from a week of rolling joy.

Click the picture on the left for that and few other new albums on Picasa.

Rachel wrote a story about it too, which I’ll upload soon.

Enjoy the summer and keep the ball rolling.

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Strike biking in Nepal

This morning like every morning for the past week, a whole layer of life, the many calls of the horn, screeches and bellows of breaks and bus conductor cries, is absent.


It’s the third day of a nationwide strike, and no motor runs in the city.


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Climbing in the Queens forest

Click to view pics.

These are a few impressions from our local climbing area. 20 odd lime stone routes from easy to medium and 2 hard ones ranging from 10 to 30 meters Since its bolted, in the shadow and about 30 minutes from my house it’s the crag of choice for a nice day out like Yesterday.


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Good boy – here’s your treat

A Nepali style concrete mixer from hell.This one is from some time last year actually – I just found the video and had some spare time converting it around. Ah yes and Nepal is just falling apart…at least it seems like it…
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Ein kleiner Text über die Wunder der Kernenergie.

Hier mal  nach vielfachem Wunsch eines einzelnen Mannes der hier immer unter Astrid kommentiert -ein kleiner Artikel zum Atomstrom – teil meines Studiums mit der OU diese Jahr.Mal sehen ob Ich überhaupt noch Deutsch kann.

Mein Lehrbuch sagt mir eine kleine Einführung ist immer gut, also los damit.  In der Diskussion geht es grundlegend darum, was soll die Menschheit in der nahen Zukunft fuer eine Energieform waehlen die eine Loesung gegen die Ansammlung von CO2 und weiteren Treibhausgasen d.h. globaler Erwärmung und somit auch anderen unerwünschten Folgen vorbeugen kann.(Meeresspiegel,veraenderte Meeresströmungen etc.)
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